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picture28 Feb 2003 @ 10:49, by Raymond Powers

Letecia and I live in the forest literally at the end of the phone line. Technology is a big part of both our lives and there's no cable or DSL. Aarrghh....our 56k modem averages 24k.

Patience, I must have patience, (as he strokes his hair and sips his tea.)

My vision is to install a DirecPC or DirecWay, that's Hughes name for it,two way, with a wifi so I can utilize it in the guest house where my office and computer are. Ah, a networked wonderland in the middle of paradise...

It's still out of our budget to create this yet, but I'm dreaming. Maybe I'll start the Center for De-Urbanization Satellite Modem fund. Wanna play?

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28 Feb 2003 @ 13:11 by bushman : Same problem.
Out here, lucky to get 26.4. They have line of sight connection available for 39 bucks, but I have a huge rock in the way, so thats out. There is a company that makes a mobil sat link set up. Its around 700 for the equipment and about 50 a month for the service. Also the people that have line of sight, loose their connection when it rains or snows or fog. The sat link set up is the best deal out here if you want fast stable connection, but costly and it still would loose connection, during bad weather. The earth battery idea, would work well if your away from the city. Thats right you can transmit high speed data thru the ground. Intrested? Here's the info.

28 Feb 2003 @ 13:33 by vaxen : Have you...
tried tweaking your RWIN to something like 3200 and your TTL to 128 or so? And is your MTU at 516 or so? Here is something tham may help you...


ALso there is a fine little program called EasyMTU by rob vonk you can get it here:


Morpheus Upgrade offers a fine tool for tweaking that old 56K beast too...but really the problem is prbably your ISP. Do you know what speed your ISP delivers data at? If it is 5KB then no amount of tweaking will really help and you'd be better off to get a new ISP.

Here is a bunch more sites for further information. Then there is the POTS line system that you are using. POTS means Plain Old Telephone System. Call your telephone service provider and ask them to do a POTS test...if the bilk at that or, worse, do'nt know what it is remind them it is required by law for them to do such if asked. This will show you any source of fautly line redundency and get you, perhaps, up to at least 26.4 which is the best that can be hoped for using POTS.

The bunch more stuff:

More info about speeding up Windows can be found at:

George's Windows 95 tips page ( section registry.txt)
Here's where I got the idea for the program. You can find information about changing the settings manually. George also has more information about speeding up Windows 95. The Windows 95 tips are a must for every Windows 95 user!

Al's winsock tuning faq
A faq where all the settings are explained.


Article Q158474 in Microsoft's Knowledge Base
The document for Windows 95.

Default MTU Size for Different Network Topology

Modem FAQ
Curt's High Speed Modem Page (28.8/33.6/56 kbps Modem Tips & Tricks) has information about other options than MaxMTU for tweaking the modem.


28 Feb 2003 @ 13:45 by bushman : Have that program.
I run one called ppp booster, It's what gets me a stable 26.4, from a norm of about 19.0, yep our isp has single T1 cable, then splits half to their line of sight, then they split the other half so they have 1 at 56k in town, and 2 more at 26.4, Im in Sedona, but live in the village of oak creek, so we get the dregs, lol.  

29 Dec 2003 @ 09:00 by Sam @ : Direcway unplugged
Direcway was something I jumped on when I was given free a dish and RX/TX unit. With tax the cost was $59 per month. I never signed a hard copy of any contract but was told I was obligated to a 1 year agreement by accepting their service. $200 to set up the system outside and I was off and crawling. The system runs at 10MB not 100MB. Any snow or rain or even just cloudy weather and the link slowed down or just was lost. Downloading a MS service patch took almost as long as my 56K modem. I found out that they throttle back the band width on big files. I had better connectivity using my modem at $19.95 per month. Comcast installed cable internet in the Baltimore City just recently and I jumped on it. If I can't get a cable connection or DSL then I'll go back to my modem. It cost me $300 to have the service disconnected from Direcway because I hadn't been on for a year. Keep your modem, have your phone company replace the phone line if it is over 30 years old (old phone lines can cause slow connections) Direcway should be a last resort for the desperate.  

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