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5 Apr 2003 @ 11:45, by Raymond Powers

A friend of mine whom I rarely dialogue with asked me what I think about what's happening in the world? My first thought was "which happening?" I thought I would give myself a challenge to answer something to her since I was inclined just to stay silent. Here's what filtered through into the email I sent back to her.

"Which part of the world? Lot's happening everywhere.

Finding a connecting point in a relationship of diversity is a challenge. I say continue to question authority, demand truth, and support all Beings inalienable right to freedom. Live by example. Teach our children non-violent methods for problem solving. Educate ourselves.

Be willing to admit the most subtle traces of racism,classism that lurk within us. Celebrate our cultural differences. Peace does not necessarily mean the absence of violence, but a balance of power. Unzip the trousers of patriarchy and kick it in the balls. Use our natural innate gifts to ground a new vision into reality.

Live lightly on the land, practice sustainability and support only those corporations that give more than they take. Be rigorous with ourselves, where are we as individuals not at peace. What is happening in the world is happening inside of us."

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6 Apr 2003 @ 17:55 by newdawn : desiderada?
great answer!  

7 Apr 2003 @ 14:31 by sharie : What IS going on in the world?
"Unzip the trousers of patriarchy and kick it in the balls" I love that! Is it in one of your songs?

I also love that you question what *is* going on in the world. Because the mass murders in Iraq has been in our face for so long, I almost forgot there's a lot of greatness going on in this Earth. Thanks for the reminder.  

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