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picture 6 Apr 2003 @ 20:08, by Raymond Powers

George Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order

Paul Goldstein
Jeffrey Steinberg
April 1991

Skull & Bones was founded at Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut in 1832. It is the oldest and most prestigious of Yale's seven secret societies. Among the others are: Scroll & Key, Book & Snake, Wolf's Head,Eliahu,and Berzelius. These fraternities serve as a recruiting ground for young men destined for careers in government,law,finance and other influential sectors of American life. Skull & Bones is the elite of the elite among these secret societies. Only Scroll & Key can claim a near equal influence on American affairs over the past 160 years.

Unlike the Greek fraternities on most other American
university campuses, Skull & Bones and its similar secret societies exist exclusively at Yale. They are not part of any nationwide public association. The other elite Ivy League colleges, Harvard and Princeton have similar exclusive secret societies. Yet, even among these few universities, the secret societies of Yale-led by Skull & Bones-are unchallenged in their influence on American
political affairs.

According to some accounts, the Skull & Bones secret society at Yale has an underground affiliation with two other societies which were simultaneously founded at two other locations. The number "322" that appears under the skull and crossbones on the Order's emblem is believed to indicate
the year of its founding-1832-and the fact that it is the second lodge within an international system. By some accounts, the lodge holding the number "1" is in Germany and the lodge numbered "3" is based at another American college.

Since its founding, Skull & Bones has only inducted about 2,500 members. At any given time, only about 600 or so members of the Order are alive. This small number underscores the tremendous concentration of power in the hands of its members.

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27 Jan 2004 @ 23:44 by Jim Carrington @ : Authors of Skull and Bones Article
I appreciate your Article "George Bush, Skull & Bones", is there a way to contact Paul Goldstein or Jeffrey Steinberg? The article was extremely well done! Would like more information on Skull an bones they may recommend.
Jim Carrington, 1743 Southwood Dr., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401  

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