Sounding Circle: Alternative Media Amplifies as Mainstream Gatekeepers Decline

 Alternative Media Amplifies as Mainstream Gatekeepers Decline1 comment
16 Aug 2005 @ 05:12, by Raymond Powers

Website Traffic Shows People Are Turning from Corporate Media to Alternative Internet Sites for Their News

Alternative Media Amplifies as Mainstream Gatekeepers Decline
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
August 7 2005 [link]

The number of individuals worldwide who acknowledge that there is a hidden hand shaping world events is growing at a faster rate than ever before.

This is directly due to the burgeoning power of the alternative media and the declining influence of the establishment media. Mainstream media has been caught so many times colluding with government in order to sell major domestic and foreign policy initiatives on a foundation of lies. People are voting with their feet and turning away from the mainstream and seeking the truth.

The alternative media is by no means perfect, we make mistakes just as the mainstream does. The difference is that the alternative media actively attempts to tell the truth rather than actively attempting to hide it or misdirect the reader. Furthermore, when we make a mistake we also make the retraction clear, rather than burying it in small type on page 27.

The consistent reports of reducing newspaper subscribers is mirrored on the Internet, as alternative news websites begin to surpass big city newspapers in readership.

Using the Alexa web rankings as a benchmark, we compared a number of popular alternative websites to big city newspaper websites. The results are very encouraging.

The Alexa system has several different filters for measuring traffic to a particular site but the base number appears at the top of the page for every website URL. The lower the number, the more visitors the website gets. For example, is number one.

Let's take a look at two major market big city newspapers, the Las Vegas Sun and the Daily Oklahoman. The Sun comes in at 13,699.

The Oklahoman comes in at 10,312. Bear in mind that the websites for these kind of newspapers are run by a staff of anything from five to twenty people.

And that's just the people putting the website together. If you add in the writers who contribute then the number is even greater.

Alternative media websites like Prison, and are run by two people apiece, and in some cases just one.

If the journalists who wrote for the establishment papers went back to the old school mentality of muck-raking journalism then more people would read their articles. The fact that the raw truth is infinitely more popular means more and more of these establishment journalists are having to move further over to our side and be more honest in their reporting.

Prison comes in at 11,655, but the very latest figures show our traffic trend to be around 8,000-9,000. This means that more people are reading Prison than are reading Oklahoma's biggest newspaper online.

Furthermore, a paper like the Oklahoman has many different sections, for example classifieds, which attract people for different reasons than just wanting to read the news. Our websites are solely focused on news. So if you compared the websites just on people who visited to read the news, we'd be even further ahead.

Papers like the Austin Chronicle are way behind alternative media sites like and

We are not bragging, we are simply pointing out the good news. The numbers continue to trend in our favor.

At 3,732, is bigger than the vast majority of mainstream news websites. Only internationally renowned outlets like BBC, New York Times and Washington Post are bigger.

See how far a growing alternative media site like Raw Story, which is little over a year old, is ahead of one of Wes Virginia's biggest newspapers.

It is time for the alternative media to have the credibility afforded to it that it deserves. If the establishment media continue to dismiss the alternative as badly researched, minority appeal, conspiracy mongering, then they only continue to insult and alienate the general public.

People instinctively know deep down that there is something very wrong with this world and that the truth behind modern day developments is being purposefully shielded from them by media conglomerations owned by faceless corporations in league with Kafkaesque authorities.

This is why the establishment is trying to shut down the alternative media by controlling and regulating the Internet.

Laws passed in the aftermath of the London bombings talk of targeting 'extremist' websites who indirectly support terrorism. When the definition of extremism and supporting terrorism is disagreeing with the government's official story behind an act of terrorism, then they have carte blanche to silence anyone they choose.

The fact that one blog is created every second and that a sizeable portion of those are political has the elitists very worried.

This is why you should continue to support alternative media and oppose those who wish to see it disappear forever.

Copyright © 2002-2005 Alex Jones

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1 comment

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