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 Steve Reich Program in Ojai, CA June 5-80 comments
picture 7 Jun 2008 @ 07:48
First I want to thank Tyler, founder of, for posting the opportunity and Gina Gutierrez, the Marketing Director of the Ojai Music Festival, for allowing me to attend last night’s concert at Libbey Bowl.

For me, particularly, it was a peak moment to listen to the music and meet the composer, Steve Reich, (Reich bio: [link]) who has been an enduring force in my life for thirty years. It was his brilliance, his approach to rhythm and harmony that inspired and influenced me to go to conservatory and get degrees in voice and composition.

Last night Steve Reich returned to Ojai with his signature minimalist works of past and present; His new Daniel Variations, a tribute to the late American reporter Daniel Pearl, was paired with his earlier known pieces Eight Lines, Nagoya Marimbas and his unconventional Four Organs.

We were treated to the remarkable talent of the Signal Contemporary Ensemble conducted by Brad Lubman. (Quite fun that Libbey Bowl borders Signal Street) Lubman founded Signal along with cellist and co-artistic director Lauren Radnofsky. These young musicians, mostly between the ages of 27-33, brought to life Reich’s music and infused it with their own vigor and enthusiasm. They are a force to be reckoned with. I highly recommend you get yourself to Libbey Bowl sometime this weekend and immerse yourself in this transcendent program of magnificent music and musicianship.

When I say Reich's music transcends something for me, I'm implying that his design and structure of sound affects our brain chemistry and can take us into non-ordinary states of consciousness. I experience deep meditative states listening to the repetitive, percolating rhythms as they shift and change. This has always been the case for me with Reich's music.  More >

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